Thanks for visiting this site. All of the images were produced digitally and are original pieces of Art. By that I mean that they exist as a one off and not as limited edition...for example as 1/10. Having said that, each image will also be available in monochrome black and white so technically I guess there are two versions. Once they are printed the file will be retired forever other than a low resolution 750 pixel image for reference.

All images will be printed on the finest materials available and in general 36"X36" or larger. They will all have full archival properties and will last for several generations. Currently I am actively seeking representation by top Art Galleries that will be able to represent the work adequately.

The price will be set by the gallery, but as general information the prices range for new or emerging artists in the $2000-$8000 range. I think that I should mention that although these images have never been exhibited I have been doing similar work with different methods since 1981. These particular images have been created over the last ten years or so. C.

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